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                             Name of our estate and state is "State of Consciousness".  Insight is written on our statute 2§:

"Purpose of the State of Consciousness is promote humans  balanced development within collective activity. Basis of our activity is to see truth that exists in all filosofies, outlooks of lifes and relogions. Unseen peoples age, nationality, race, sex, ideology or religion.


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Few details:    land area is three (3) hectars on sea coast, main building  is 630 m2 with 14 bedrooms (max 25 person). Availabe also 60 m2 fully outfitted cottage with 2 bedroom.  

Distance from Helsinki  170 km, from Turku 80 km. Even though Kemiö is biggest island in Finland there is good road all the way there.


 Contact  information:

 e-mailinfo (at)

 address: Merikodintie 20, 25830 Västanfjärd. Kemiönsaari; 

Tel:  +358 400 503840